Interview with ‘Perfect Love’ video maker Carolina Vasquez

Carolina VasquezHailing from Miami and now based in Cardiff Carolina is a cross-media filmmaker. She’s passionate about sharing a good story, and her work crosses lines between theatre, documentary and the web.

Undercurrent recently had the privilege of facilitating a collaboration between Carolina and singer songwriter Annalie Wilson to create a music video for Annalie’s song ‘Perfect Love.’

Here Carolina talks to us about the project, what inspires her and the role of arts in the community.

UC: What inspired you about the song ‘Perfect Love’?

CV: I love the upbeat-ness of it, I love how real it is and I love the way it talks about all relationships and the universal themes we have in common. When I first heard this song I knew I wanted to make a video for it. A couple months later Annalie Wilson and I agreed it would be possible!

UC: What kind of footage were you looking for when making the video?

CV: I was looking for quirky and visually stunning clips. I searched certain things that represented love, discovery, romance, freedom, journey, trust, etc. In most cases I knew straight away if it would fit.

UC: What tools did you use to put the video together?

CV: I was on vimeo for days and days searching for clips under the Creative Commons share-alike license. And in most cases I was looking for clips that had the option to download straight from vimeo, which allowed me to edit the original footage. If I couldn’t, I used screenflow. I edited in FCPX.

UC: What is your company ‘Make More Films’ all about?

CV: I started ‘Make More Films’ in January 2013 and it’s an umbrella to create cinematic documentaries, mainly focusing on community, local makers and sustainable lifestyles. ‘Perfect Love’ (the music video) was created as a mashup in order to recycle footage that already existed on the web and create something new with it. The idea behind ‘Make More Films’ is to find people who are really passionate about what they do and make a short film highlighting what they do and why they do it. It’s a way to show the personality behind the brand.

UC: What sort of work do you like to do?

CV: Work that makes people think and talk after they see it.

UC: What inspires you most in your life?

CV: Good conversations, sunshine, the outdoors, the vimeo community, good ideas and food.

UC: What aspirations do you have, what do you want to achieve?

CV: Film projects that enable me to travel from place to place, slowly seeing new parts of the world and working with exciting people along the way! (not too much to ask, right?)

UC: What do you think is the role of art/the arts in our society/in the community you live in?

CQ: Art has the power to connect communities and create change. Art can be used as a starting point to generate discussions or as an ending point to represent progress. I think we make art that represents where we live – whether intentionally or not. I love seeing art created from different places. It says a lot more about a place than I’d ever imagined.

UC: What are the greatest challenges for you as an artist?

CQ: hmm, not sure. I guess one day waking up and thinking there is nothing that inspires me or nothing else for me to do.

UC: Anything else you want to say?

CQ: Sure, watch the music video for ‘Perfect Love’ and share it with people who you love.

Many thanks to Carolina for answering our questions!

Find out more about Carolina’s work here:

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